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The Acorns – Log Cabin Lite (Review & Stream)

The Acorns show off some impressive rap skills in “Log Cabin Lite.”

The Acorns are an alternative rap duo from Washington, DC/Blacksburg, Virginia, that knows how to put the pen to the pad just as well as any other underground rapper in the game. In their latest record, “Log Cabin Lite,” the duo was able to put together this alternative banger that features an electrifying instrumental (By BlakeNine) that also has this action-packed vibe to it. Mad Squirrel, the lead artist on this song, attacks the dynamic beat with great heinousness, hurling out bar after bar through some tongue-twisting flows. I love the confidence Squirrel raps with on his verses, as he lets the world know where he’s from, what he’s smoking on and the places he’s hoping to go.

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