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Dame D.O.L.L.A -Boo’d Up (Remix) (Ft. P-Hu$tle) (Review & Stream)

Nas just asked me if Damian Lillard’s rap name was ‘Dame Diddy’, ‘Dame Daddy’ or ‘Dame D.O.L.L.A.’

Damian Lillard is definitely one of the few athlete-rappers I respect. I thought on his debut album, “Confirmed,” he showed the world something, rapping like he belonged on literally every song. This time around, he drops something a little more light-hearted for us, rapping over Ella Mai’s ever so popular “Boo’d Up” instrumental. I like his swagged out demeanor on the track, as he attacks the beat like he attacks the basket — with ease, handing out punchlines like it was free lunch. I was definitely impressed.

Sorry, I pressed stop after Dame’s verse, so I can’t tell you how P-Hu$tle’s part went. Feel free to let me know how it ended up, though.



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