Moromo – Very Alive (Review & Stream)

Moromo’s unique artistry is put on full display in “Very Alive.” 

Honestly, I love everything about “Very Alive.” As a whole, it has this numbing feel to it that I think will get listeners to be engulfed in literally every aspect it promotes. The track features this passionate yet bass-boomin’ instrumental that aims to get you in your feelings, but at the same time, knock a couple pictures off the wall. Moromo attacks this instrumental masterfully, giving us a fantastic melody with some sobering vocals throughout. However, in my opinion, the best part of this song is our hero’s words — They are crafty, a bit chilling, and perfectly describe the many different thoughts that go on in the head of an individual that is struggling to deal with a myriad of issues in their personal life.

Make sure you check out more from Saint Paul, Minnesota’s very own, Moromo, at his official site HERE!



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