H.E.R. Absolutely Stuns In “I Used To Know Her: The Prelude” (Review)

H.E.R.’s popularity has reached its highest level to-date. Can she keep the momentum going with this brand new EP? 





You know H.E.R. is the truth, because she was able to get Bryson Tiller to come out of hiding.

“Could’ve Been” is smooth, soulful and the definition of heartbreak music. On it, H.E.R. and Bryson Tiller go back and forth about the potential their sour relationship could’ve had if they tried from the start. Both of them sound pretty numb vocally on the track, literally coming across like they are mourning someone that died. However, I f**k with the track for its relatability, as it gives me flashbacks of literally every break-up I’ve been involved in from the past.




I didn’t see H.E.R. doing an imitation of Lauryn Hill on this album coming (I damn sure didn’t see H.E.R. playing Lauryn Hill well, either)…

H.E.R. is a crooner at heart (One of the best right now, too),  but on “Lost Souls,” she decided to flex her mic skills just a tad bit. Over a new and improved version of Lauryn Hill’s “Lost One” beat, the 21 year old Californian slays, delivering confident bars filled with wisdom, wordplay and realness.

I love the confidence H.E.R. has in her bars, her soulful ad-libbing and DJ Scratch’s minor yet important contributions to this track.

I didn’t know H.E.R. had this sound in her arsenal.



1. I AM

Snap music is making a comeback.

“I Am” is the last song on this project, and in my opinion, perfectly closes things out. It has this feel-good vibe to it, but at the same time, some somber lyrical content. I can see someone dancing to it, but also eating some ice cream on the couch to it too.

What is consistent on this song is H.E.R.’s vocals, as it opts to eek at your soul through a smidgelet of passion and lots of soberness.


1. LOST SOULS (5/5)

2. AGAINST ME (3.5/5)


4. COULD’VE BEEN (4.5/5)

5. FEEL A WAY (4/5)

6. I AM (5/5)




You know what I like most about H.E.R.’s artistry? She’s very blunt and honest. Throughout this EP, you get those two characteristics from her, it just comes out in different ways… Whether it’s by dropping some pretty impressive bars in “Lost Souls,” or digging deep into her R&B bag in “Against Me,” you are shown flashes of her dynamic artistry that is too unique to ignore. Correct, this project only has six songs, but after hearing those six songs, you will definitely want more. (What a perfect marketing scheme for her next album)

Is it me, or does it feel like H.E.R. does this music s**t so effortlessly?

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