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Imani Wj Wright Shines Bright In The Silky Smooth “Home” (Review & Stream)

It’s safe to say that Imani Wj Wright has himself yet another hit.

You know what I like most about Imani Wj Wright’s new “Home” single? It’s soothing, but still has this swagger to it that is electrifying. The less than four minute track features a divine instrumental that establishes quite the vibes with its lively nature, and our hero takes those vibes and creates something that balances sensuality and romance with self-confidence and serenity. In other words, content-wise, you get a version of Imani that is comfortable in his own skin and ready to transfer some of that comfort into his woman’s membrane. As usual, his vocals are hypnotizing, his words are masterful, and most importantly, the passion he was able to show throughout the song is special.

Imani has been on his grind as of late, and it has been a lot of fun seeing him put in all this work. In the accompanying music video to this song, you get a chance to see some of the love he’s been getting from his fellow peers (PnB Rock & Jake Luhrs) and more as a result! Lukey Lenz, the producer of the video, does a great job of piecing all the various videos Imani had stashed in his arsenal, turning the concoction into this heartwarming experience.



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