ManaLion’s “Sucker Punch” Is A Heartwarming Tune That I Guarantee You Will Love (Review & Stream)


I boogie’d like I’ve never boogie’d before listening to this track!

ManaLion is a music duo from New Zealand that is capable of dabbling in just about every type of genre you’ve heard before — I’m talking pop, rock, hip hop, reggae, dub and soul. In their latest release, “Sucker Punch,” they mesh all of these sounds together, creating this fun-loving tune that is just as rhythmic as it is energetic.

When it comes to the song’s subject matter, it will tug at your heart, as it revolves around the many trials and tribulations that come with touring (Including going from city to city, missing bae and being deprived of your own bed). I like how deep the lyrical content is, and how spirited the duo’s vocal efforts come out.

Make sure you check out ManaLion’s “Sucker Punch” above, and be sure to follow their moves on the following links below:






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