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Offkilter Welcomes All Challengers In “I Make It Rain In The Desert” (Review & Stream)

Confidence, baby, CONFIDENCE! (In my Rolando Blackman voice)

As you may know by now, Offkilter are two confident ass rappers. Not only is their newest project called “No Filter,” but the intro track to it is titled “I Make It Rain In The Desert.” The bass heavy track has a great bop to it, some grittiness and a hook that is extremely catchy, but in my opinion, the most impressive thing about this song is the duo’s dynamic rapping. On their verses, each rapper navigates through the beat with great ease, throwing out clever punchlines and dishing out solid wordplay through a myriad of impregnable flows. They also stay on the topic at hand throughout, throwing out bars about their bank accounts, ability to woo women and competitive nature. Trust me, if you were skeptical about their mic skills before, they will put those concerns to sleep quickly.

Be sure to check out Offkilter’s new project called “No Filter” HERE!



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