I would say that I think this song is a hit, but every time I say that about a Kid Ink song, it flops.

When it comes to infectious melodies and clever ways to say that he’s ballin’, Kid Ink is a God! He always seems to find a way to draw us in with an infectious sound that straddles the line between tough and smooth. “Cana” is the perfect example of this, as it features this laid-back instrumental that forces both of our heroes to approach it using their sly demeanors. I absolutely love the delivery that Kid Ink uses on his verse and the hook, as he lets the world know that no one is touching him when it comes to being the man through this ‘too cool for school’ style. As for 24hrs, he approaches the track like a certified spitter, hurling out confident bars about bad joints pleasing him and drinking stellas and s**t. The collaboration between the two is solid, especially considering their weight class differences.

This is a hit! Matter of fact, it’s not a hit (Reverse psychology, my brother)..