Young Thug & Young Stoner Life Records – Slime Language (Album Review)


I’m not going to lie, I was a bit disappointed when I found out that “Slime Language” was a compilation album. That means in nearly ten years of being in the limelight, Young Thug has yet to bring out an official album. With that being said, this project looks to quench our thirsts for new Thugger music, but in all honesty, I’m pessimistic about its longevity.  





“Tsunami” starts the album off with style! It features this bass boomin’/video game sounding instrumental that I believe is perfect for wahala. Over the beat, Thugger does everything from sing passionately to meditate. As expected, his lyrical content is all over the place, as he bounces between talking about big stacks of money, riding foreigns and obtaining aviator keys. The track is the definition of erratic to me, which is classic Thugger!




Initially, “January 1st” is a bit bizarre, but once you understand it’s rhythm, it starts to sound like a certified hit! The track features a pretty colorful instrumental, some very erratic verses from Young Thug (I Seriously don’t know what the f**k he’s talking about on this song), and a surprisingly heartwarming verse from Trap Boy Freddy. But the highlight of this track is the absolutely infectious hook you get from Jacques: On it, he tries to show the world that he’s the coolest thing since sliced bread, utilizing this animated style throughout.




“Slimed In” is definitely a tough ass record. It features Neechie, and he gives us something that’s cold-hearted and gritty on both his verses and the hook. I like how effortlessly he lays down his lyrics throughout, practically coming across like Thugger’s lil shooter.

Believe it or not, Thugger keeps things very simple on this track. Don’t get me wrong, his verse still revolves around f**king b*tches, brandishing his gun and flossing, but the way he lays his it down is very calm and unassuming. Matter of fact, I’m going to go out on a limb and say he dropped his best (and clearest) verse on this song.

This probably won’t be a favorite to many, but I think it was a sneaky good track.




Just last month, Lil Uzi Vert and Young Thug claimed that they had over 1500 songs recorded together… I don’t believe that one bit, but then again, it’s not like these n***as have a 9 to 5 job to attend to. Anyway, one of those songs is titled “It’s A Slime,” and it is a sly banger consisting of a fast paced instrumental, a bunch of choppy flows and lots nauseating vocals. It’s short as s**t, but succeeds in being the most high-octane track on this album.

I like Young Thug and Lil Uzi Vert’s chemistry.




“Chanel (Go Get It)” features perhaps three of the hottest artists out of Atlanta right now in Lil Baby, Gunna and Thugger. Together, they were able to create this smooth banger that has each rapper talking about splurging on their main (Or secondary) chicks throughout. What I love is that each guy brings a unique melodic approach to their respective parts, doing their best to play mr. cool while also dropping some hefty bars. (Well, except for Thugger, he’s bat s**t crazy on this track)


1. TSUNAMI (4/5)


3. GAIN CLOUT (3/5)

4. OH YEAH (4/5)

5. AUDEMAR (3/5)

6. CHANEL (GO GET IT) (4.5/5)

7. DIRTY SHOES (4/5)

8. IT’S A SLIME (4.5/5)

9. SCOLIOSIS (4/5)

10. GOIN UP (3.5/5)

11. JANUARY 1ST (4/5)


13. STS (3/5)

14. EXPENSIVE (3.5/5)

15. SLIMED IN (4/5)




I’ma keep it real with you: I struggled reviewing this album. Musically, the songs were energetic enough to keep my attention, but overall, I simply wasn’t floored by what i heard. With the root of “Slime Language” revolving around being slimey (Which I am assuming is a metaphor for being a stunta), Young Thug and his friends found unique and exciting ways to explain why they were slimier than us using the same rationale (F**kin’ b*tches, flossing and driving big whips) over and over again. For the first few songs it sounds cool, but eventually, I had to take a stand and say enough is enough! Listen, just like you, I am all for getting humiliated by our beloved rappers, but I like it even more when that humiliation comes in the form of s**t I’ve never heard before. Nonetheless, nearly every track on this album has an exciting hook and some outstanding energy, but lacks when it comes to content.

One of the silver linings about this album is the production. Nearly all of the songs have this bass boomin’ effect that will rattle your speakers and possibly have the cops called on you if you live in one of those uppity white neighborhoods. Since this is the case, you get versions of all our featured artists that is pumped up to drop some of their best bars to-date. So kudos to Thugger, he’s always been good at picking beats for a project.

Other than Lil Uzi Vert, the only other big name features on this album is Gunna and Lil Baby. I know that might turn a few off, but on the real, the little known artists really put up inspiring performances. With Thugger’s high octane energy backing them up, artists like Karlae, HiDorah and Neechie really showed out, either coming out swinging or adding something to a song that Thugger wasn’t able to. Much like a NBA team that has a second tier star leading them, the players play hard, but they simply do not have enough to compete with other compilation albums that have bigger role players.

Honestly, I am no longer thrown off by Young Thug’s style, which is saying a lot, because it’s beyond outrageous. (Yes, somehow I have been able to get used to a screechy/structure-less/reckless artist that bounces between topics more than a newscast) With that being said, in projects like these, I want him to experiment more/step outside of the box (sorta like he did on “Hear No Evil”), because his ordinary s**t is starting to become blah. Seriously, think about it, was there one song on this compilation album that really stood out to you? You might like some, but by next week, they’ll be out of your music rotation quicker than you can say Mo Bamba. So my advice to Thugger is to take all that great energy he has and apply it to records that make him feel a tad uncomfortable. Because right now, he’s way too comfortable with a sound that I feel hasn’t changed much since 2012.

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