Devil Wrath

Luna 13’s “Devil Wrath” Is The Epitome Of Heavy Metal (Review & Stream)

I’ve seen these characters in my nightmares before.

Luna 13 are a unique band (Do I even have to tell you that based off of the artwork to this song?) who blends heavy metal and EDM to create some of the most intoxicating (And terrifying) music you will ever hear in your life. In their newest release, “Devil’s Wrath,” the group was able to create something that is a bass/metal gem constructed with an Akai Keyboard, guitar distortion pedals, the Arturia Microbrute and Black Metal drums on the Yamaha RX11. From start to finish, listeners are treated to intense sounds, and as for the music video, to say it matches the songs intensity is an understatement. Check the song and video up top (At your own discretion), and if you have any complaints, please forward it to their twitter accounts!



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