J. Rome

J. Rome May Have Created The Smoothest Of Summer Anthems with “Love Trap” (Review & Stream)


Trust me guys, there’s a major difference between ‘trap love’ and ‘love trap.’

So what exactly is it that makes “Love Trap” such a dope record? I think it’s the combination of sensual vibes, meaningful yet trill words by J. Rome, and most importantly, our hero’s willingness to give us some pretty daring vocals. If you ask me, the topic of trapping a lover deserves those type of passionate sentiments, so kudos to Rome for bringing it to us on this infectious tune.

Don’t you love when you and your lover are on the same page like J. Rome and his lover are on this song? When that happens, you don’t have to worry about the little things, and the chemistry in the bedroom is on point! Who doesn’t want coordinated love-making in their lives?



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