My Cousin Dallas

My Cousin Dallas Gives Us A Live Rendition Of The Vintage Sounding “Stereo Multiplex” (Review & Stream)

Feeling sluggish? Listen to this track, and I guarantee every part of your body will be invigorated.

In “Stereo Multiplex,” there is a fusion of psychedelic vibes mixed with both garage rock and folk music. The combination makes for something that is capable of boosting the adrenaline and attitude of a person into the sky, and most importantly, inspire with its attributing sounds of past decades mixed with elements of the modernized music scene.

“Stereo Multiplex” is from the bands “Keep Hope Alive” EP — A short project that has some entertaining music that is sure to keep the crowds amped up with its infectious tempos and eclectic vibes. It also gifts music lovers like myself a body of work that is full of a myriad of styles.

Make sure you check out My Cousin Dallas’ “Stereo Multiplex” up top! Also, when you get a chance, keep tabs on the band at both their facebook page ( and their bandcamp page (



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