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Scott Kirby Shines Bright On The Highly Memorable “Something To Move.”


There’s nothing like a nostalgic country song about a woman that’s hard to get!

Scott Kirby’s “Something To Move” is the definition of a perfect bar jam. It centers around the super power abilities that this special woman has on Scott and everyone that is blessed enough to be in the room with her. The song is primarily powered by some lively guitar strings, but eventually turns into a full out shindig that makes you feel good about yourself despite the fact that your chances of wooing everyone’s favorite girl in the building are slim. Every instrument played on this track is played with great passion, the soulful vocals Scott is able to deliver are both roaring and assertive, and the combination between the two makes for something that will have you stomping your feet and nodding your head non-stop.

Make sure you check out “Something To Move” HERE! Also, checkout Scott on his social media skills at the following links below:





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