Diva (Remix)

Kevin Gates Links Up With Don Tolliver For A Remix To “Diva” (Review & Stream)

Kevin Gates is the only pastor I listen to nowadays.

There hasn’t quite been a method to Kevin Gates‘ musical madness since he’s been released from jail. He’s made tough records, freestyles, joint collaborations, and today, a remix.

On “Diva (Remix),” Both the Louisiana native and Don Tolliver put us on game to a bad chick that’s ready to put your bank account on a recurring withdrawal schedule for her own benefit. With Tolliver providing the track with a phenomenal melody, Kevin Gates takes that melody and turns it into a fiercer/hungrier version that is ready to get a one-up on this greedy b*tch!

Gates has the same level to amp n***as up as a college football coach.



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