My Hammer

People In The Walls Showcase Some Authentic Heavy Metal In “My Hammer” (Review & Stream)


People In the Walls are able to give you quite the musical experience in their music. 

People In The Walls are a band that takes Heavy Metal music to the next level. In their latest release, “What Noise Do You Make,” the band takes you on quite the musical roller-coaster ride consisting of heavy-hitting bass, futuristic vibes and lots of colorfulness. In “My Hammer” off of the project, the band was able to give us something that was intoxicating, invigorating and downright intimidating (I hid under the bed while I wrote this review, BTW). True metal fans will love the rawness of every single element you hear, and listeners who aren’t quite metal fans will love the energy the song provides.

Is it normal to sweat after listening to music?



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