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Kanye Links Up With Lil Pump For “I Love It” (Review & Stream)


Kanye West has been teasing this Lil Pump feature for weeks now, I just thought he was f**kin’ around with us the whole time. Apparently not, because in this cold and lonely Friday morning, he decided to release this short collaboration with the reckless teen that has both of them getting their X-Rated on.

Surprisingly, Lil Pump and the beat are the best parts of this song.  I feel like Pump actually gives us a pretty decent melody on his part (Despite his lyrical content being limited), while the beat gives off this pretty chill vibe that I can f**k with. As for Kanye, for most of his lone verse he talks about being a sick f**k. I’m not even sure he’s rapping on his part, it sounds like he’s just blurting out s**t.

Kanye is doing everything he can to get n***as to erase every single song you have by him in your music library.




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