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T.I. Calls On Meek Mill For The Latin-Inspired “Jefe” (Review & Stream)


Chances are T.I. and Meek Mill recorded this song either in Mexico or at an international grocery store.

As I stated earlier (like a post ago), it seems like T.I. is prepared to remind people that he’s still the King of the South, because he dropped two new singles today that are stronger than LeVeon Bell’s chances of sitting out for week 1 (aw). One of those songs is “Jefe” — A latin-inspired rap record that has Meek calling n***as bluff with some flossy bars and Tip huffing and puffing about n**as who aren’t quite built like him. I love the urgency both rappers spit with on their verses, as they turn a Spanish festival into an all out n***afest!

With a beat like that, one of those n***as gotta give me one “Ándale arriba!”



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