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Michael McQuaid’s “Rerun” Never Lets Up In Steaminess (Review & Stream)

Michael McQuaid has convinced me that it is possible to be addicted to reruns.

Michael McQuaid is a talented singer that is originally from Dallas, Texas, but is currently making waves in Nashville, Tennessee. He doesn’t mind spilling his guts when he makes music, typically mixing soul and blues together to create undeniable hits. In “Rerun,” one of his most passionate tunes to-date, he gets a chance to describe the willingness his woman has for coming over and kicking it with him on a continuous basis (Sorta like a TV rerun). I love the sedated nature of the instrumental, as it aims to draw you in with its easy-going rhythm. I also love how McQuaid is able to give off these steamy vibes on both his verses and the hook through some passionate harmonizing and arousing lyrics.

Make sure you check out “Rerun” up top! Trust me, it’s an addictive song.



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