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Trill Sammy Calls On Offset For “I Can’t Decide” (Review & Stream)


Trill Sammy’s new EP is out right now.

Trill Sammy’s time to run the game is coming soon (I can see it)! In the meantime, he decided to drop an EP on Friday called “No Sleep, Vol. 1,” and one of the highlights off of it is “I Can’t Decide” with Offset. In my opinion, the track is your typical trap club banger that has all types of alarms on the beat and cocky ass words from our featured artists. Trill Sammy does most of the work on the song, pumping it with a laidback hook and trill ass verses, while Offset drops something so slight that if you blink your ear for a second it will be done (I know, ears can’t blink, but you get it, right?).

Trill Sammy clearly has the creators of Earthworm Jim making his single artworks.



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