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Victoria Celestine Is Capable Of Calling Your Bluff In The Infectious “Good Heart To Hide” (Review & Stream)

Wasted Tears EP front cover

Victoria Celestine’s voice is one for the ages.

Victoria Celestine is a singer/songwriter from Austin, TX that can literally hypnotize you with her piercing vocals. In “Good Heart To Hide,” she uses those vocals to give us this up-tempo/exhilarating tune that is heavy on both the head-nodding and foot-tapping vibes. Content-wise, she talks about a pokerface that some individual she’s fond with is wearing, and how this certain person truly has a good heart deep down. I love the rhythm attached to this song, its phenomenal writing, and most importantly, Victoria’s cool demeanor throughout.

Make sure you check out “Good Heart To Hide” up top! Trust me, it’s an absolute gem. Also, follow Victoria at the following links below:





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