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Swizz Beatz Links Up With Lil Wayne For “Pistol On My Side” (Review & Stream)

Swizz Beatz and Wayne got me feeling like it’s 2007 again! (Time to bring out the shirts with the NBA patches on it)

To no ones surprise, a song that features Wayne and Swizz Beatz on it is an absolute banger! Powered by a beat so heinous that I almost called the cops on it, Wayne raps like he has a battery pack on, spitting out nothing but threatening lyrics using wacky rap flows. The combination of both creative minds make for a rap fans dream, and when this song gets big in the clubs, expect for everyone including the bouncer to lose their s**t when it plays.

Swiss Beatz’s new album, “Poison,” is coming really soon, folks. In the meantime, click here to hear a preview of the new song!



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