Falling Down

Lil Peep And XXXTENTACION’s Collaboration Called “Falling Down” Hits The Net (Review & Stream)

So much talent gone to waste here…

In the last year and some change, we’ve lost some talented artists in hip hop, something that doesn’t quite sit well with me. Two of our young fallen soldiers, XXXTENTACION and Lil Peep, were some of the more unique ones, and today, we get a chance to see just how unique in their collaboration together called “Falling Down.”

Much like both artists love to do when they make a song, “Falling Down” crosses genres, primarily taking an electrifying rock and roll sound and turning into something more pop-sounding and relatable to the hip hop community. Throughout, you get some daring harmonizing from both of our heroes, and the words they get a chance to deliver will pierce at your soul with its deep and powerful nature. In my opinion, this isn’t just some quickly put together song by both of their managers (Something that used to happen back in Pac’s days), it’s an actual real record.

R.I.P. to both of these dudes.



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