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Lil Peep & ILOVEMAKONNEN’s “Sunlight On Your Skin” Might Sound Familiar (Review & Stream)

I think I like the original version of this song better…

Last week, someone in Lil Peep or XXXTENTACION’s circle released this collaboration between both parties titled “Falling Down.” I loved every second of it, but definitely thought to myself that there had to be a different version of the song floating around the web somewhere. Truth be told, we have been blessed with the original version of the track today, and it features everyone’s favorite karaoke-sounding singer in ILOVEMAKONNEN! In my opinion, no one on this planet is going to think his version is better than X’s, but I give him credit, he did give the song some flair, dropping off a decent melody and some touching lyrics here and there. But all in all, his part lacks the same uniqueness X’s had.

I definitely underestimated Lil Peep as an artist. His contributions on this track are dope as f**k.



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