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Zhaojiabang’s “Shenpian” Is Magical (Review & Stream)

Want to listen to some riveting music? “Shenpian” is it!

Zhaojiabang is a Shanghai-based rock group that are experts at making music that will make you feel something deep in your soul. In “Shenpian,” one of their latest singles, the talented quartet was able to give us a tune so emotional and soulful that you might be seduced to tears after listening to it.

First and foremost, the moment you press play on this song, you are treated to this dramatic instrumental that is somber, calming and absolutely tranquil. From there, you get nothing but the briskest of vocals from the lead singer (Mavis), as she tip toes through the violin heavy instrumental with ease and great composure. Her words are truly poetic, and the harmonizing she does throughout is absolutely beautiful.

Music like this sees no genres, language barriers or emotional boundaries. It’s the definition of art — Something I believe can serve as quite the lesson for musicians on the come-up. Make sure you listen to Shenpian up top, and follow the band’s musical journey at their website HERE!



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