French Montana And Drake Link Up For “No Stylist” (Review & Stream)

Lowkey, when I’m off the Hen, I can’t decipher between French Montana and Drake when it comes to looks.

You know what’s funny? It seems like Drake likes to link up with French Montana when he’s involved in some kind of beef: First it was Him vs. Joe Budden that escalated on “No Shopping,” and now today, him vs. Kanye West on “No Stylist’.” What gets lost in the shuffle, however, is how good this song is. On it, French Montana gives a pretty solid vocal performance, bringing out the Mariah vocals here and there to prove how he’s sweating no chicks and freezing in some cold ice.

As for Drake’s part on this song, it’s solid, as he kills his short verse rapping as straight up as I’ve heard him rap in a while. He takes his shot at his foe, but at the same time, gives you something you can nod and vibe out to (That’s what I want from him).

Drake and French’s friendship is inspiring.



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