Aulos Reloaded

Tekashi 6ix9ine Links Up With Vladimir Cauchemar For the Mysterious “Aulos Reloaded” (Review & Stream)


Welp, Tekashi has officially gone 9/10.

I am all for Tekashi 6ix9ine dabbling in a myriad of genres, but what he gives us has to be good for me to enjoy. I thought “Bebe” was good, “Fefe” was good, and “Gotti” was alright. “Aulos Reloaded” gives Tekashi 6ix9ine yet another opportunity to rap over something new (An electro-sounding instrumental), and unfortunately, the experiment failed. On the song, the n***a screams and shouts like a nine year old who was told to eat his vegetables, and his lyrical content is so erratic that I’m convinced he was sniffing on some magic markers before writing them (Silly me, why would I think he wrote this s**t?) All in all, I am not really feeling this joint.

Say what you want about Tekashi’s music, but his song titles are epic!



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