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L.C. Shines Bright In “Dirty Hands” (Review & Stream)


“Dirty Hands” is a certified pop hit.

Everyone has been in that one relationship where it seems like you cannot do anything right, yet the person you’re with sticks with you through thick and thin. L.C. has, and in “Dirty Hands,” he outlines the many different ways he tries to make up for his faults.

You know what I love about this song? The instrumental attached to it boasts this edgy sound that gets more and more intense as the song goes on. L.C. capitalizes off of this sound by instilling some passionate singing and deep lyrics into the fray. When you combine those two aspects together, you get something that seems to poke at your heart nonstop. Matter of fact, I promise you will reconsider whether or not were doing enough to make your lover feel happy by the end of the song.

Make sure you check out L.C.’s “Dirty Hands” at the top of the page. Trust me, it’s a pop record that has massive potential to blow!



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