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Roc DaGuard Blends Two Different Genres Together In “The Ma’ma Song” (Review & Stream)


There is a major difference between ‘mama’ and ‘ma’ma’.

Roc DaGuard isn’t your average rap artist. He usually tends to blend a bunch of genres together when he makes music, never settling for normal. In his latest single titled “The Ma’ma Song,” our hero mixes some international flavor with this early-2000’s hip hop sound. The track has different kinds of energy associated to it, as you get the smoothest of vocals on one half of the song and some aggressive raps on the other. Regardless of the approach, the words that are delivered throughout are as sly as it gets, as Roc talks about reeling in this bad chick using some pretty crafty words as his bait. Overall, I enjoy how dynamic the track is, and truly f**k with Roc’s rapping on his verses.

If you like a girl, shoot your shot regardless of your field goal percentage. Roc simply gave you a reminder of this mindset on “The Ma’ma Song.”



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