Everywhere You Go

Phantom Phunk Makes Rock-N-Roll Come Alive In “Everywhere You Go” (Review & Stream)

Phantom Phunk are nothing less than electrifying on “Everywhere You Go.”

‘Never settle’ isn’t just a catch phrase used in Hennessy commercials, it is also a way of thinking that I believe succeeds in music today. If you are able to push boundaries when you make a song, I give you more points than anything. In “Everywhere You Go,” Phantom Phunk were able to do just that, gifting us with this exhilarating banger that combines some intense rock elements with authentic rap vibes. More specifically, you get hard-hitting drumming (Nicholas Emiliozzi), explosive guitar-play (Hector Fontanet), daring vocals (Alexa Toro) and astute rapping from each member in the group. Every moment of the song is powerful, and the messages delivered will find its way into your soul by way of your ears.

Make sure you keep tabs on Phantom Phunk at the following links below:





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