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Ahmed Elhouli Gets Sensual In “Get Wild” (Review & Stream)

This song is off of Ahmed’s new self-titled project.

You know what I like about Ahmed Elhouli’s artistry? He isn’t afraid to let loose and open up about how he feels when it comes to a variety of topics. Whether it’s a song that is heavy on the heartbreak side, or something uplifting, it’s all done organically, which is the main reason I believe people will find him very relatable. In one of Elhouli’s latest songs, “Get Wild,” he decided to gift us with something heavy on the sensual side, focusing on the ins and outs that come with a sexual relationship. The track feels frisky, the energy attached to it is infectious, and the singing that Ahmed does throughout is both daring and appropriate for the topic at hand. All in all, “Get Wild” is quite the adventure, featuring many twists and turns along the way.

So that’s how you get a woman to get wild? OK, notes taken!



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