Monkey See

Russ Still & The Moonshiners Provide Us With Some Vintage Rock In “Monkey See” (Review & Stream)


If you haven’t gotten your wake-up call yet, “Monkey See” should give it to you.

Russ Still & The Moonshiners are known for dropping some of the most traditional/authentic rock music on this planet. With over 20 years of experience under their belt, the band has found a way to maintain this lively sound, letting the world know that there is no slowing them down at all. In their newest single titled “Monkey See,” they continue their reign, gifting us with this powerful tune that greets listeners with hard-hitting drumming, electrifying guitar-play and some pretty infectious crooning by Russ Still. However, what I like most about this song is its message: It revolves around creating your own path as opposed to blindly listening to leaders that are probably guiding you into the wrong direction. Deep, right?

Make sure you check out “Monkey See” and much more from Russ Still & The Moonshiners on the following links below:



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