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Wifisfuneral Turns Dark On “Ever Seen A Demon” (Review & Stream)

I’ve never seen a demon before, but I have seen a few questionable meany heads. 

Wifisfuneral, an individual I find highly underrated, is prepping to release his latest EP titled “Leave Me The F**k Alone” (Yikes). Since I thought highly of his previous one, I am looking forward to the project mightily. In the meantime, the Florida native decided to drop this brand new banger that is dark in nature and has quite the tempo attached to it (Wifisfuneral is at his best when he raps over a beat that has a good tempo attached to it). Content-wise, our hero (Or villain, depending on who you ask) raps about being this wicked figure that is lawless, can care less about his life and is a freak in the sheets. In any other situation, this would be considered a disturbing song, but in hip hop, s**t is a banger.

Wifi is one of the most troubled rappers in the game right now.



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