BlocBoy JB – Don’t Think That (EP Review)


Look who decided to make his unexpected return to the hip hop scene today, folks! To be completely honest with you, I am not the biggest fan of BlocBoy JB, mainly because I see him as your average trap rapper that lacks originality. However, I can’t argue with his hit-making ability, as his resume boosts two of the biggest club bangers of 2018 (Look Alive and Rover). In the Memphis native’s “Don’t Think That” EP, he attempts to show the world that his success is no fluke, gifting us with a versatile body of work that will very well surprise some.





Just in case you forgot how terrifying BlocBoy JB can be, he reminds you in “Bacc Street Boys!”

Over this sinister trap instrumental, BlocBoy JB lets us all know about his unapologetic ways using this bullying rap style. I f**k with the raw nature of the song, as it feels like it was done all in one take in a smoked out recording studio. Aside from that, JB speaks some real n***a s**t on his verses, challenging ops, gassing up his gangsta friends and toting gleeful guns.

Why does it feel like BlocBoy JB does his mobbin’ with a smile on his face?




I swear, before the beat to this song drops, I hear Post Malone’s ‘rockstar’!

BlocBoy JB has been dropping music consistently, they simply haven’t been as appealing as “Look Alive.” Today, all that might have changed, because in “Don’t Say That,” he provides us with something that has the potential to be a major club hit. On it, he gifts us with this catchy/repetitive hook that can either get annoying or prompt gangsta hysteria in whatever venue it plays. The song also features Lil Uzi Vert (A somewhat distorted version), and he spits tough, discussing how real he is while also acknowledging his b*tch getting ways. In my opinion, the song isn’t the best thing since sliced bread, but it will satisfy the trill in you.




Hold up, BlocBoy JB is capable of loving something other than the block? I want a refund!

This is the second romantic joint I heard from BlocBoy JB in the last month, but in this one, he showed vast improvements in his ways of showing his sentimental side. “Crip Lit” has our hero delivering quite the melodic effort, letting his woman know how much he misses her and all the things she deserves for being a down ass chick. He uses auto-tune, but doesn’t abuse it. I also think his singing voice is pretty decent! I’m not prepared to say he’s the second coming of Lionel Ritchie, but I am a bit surprised at what he was able to do here.

Just when I thought BlocBoy JB was talent-less, he drops this song to make me rethink the idea of possibly elevating his artistry to useless.


1. BLOC (3.5/5)

2. CLUB ROCK (3/5)

3. DON’T SAY THAT (3.5/5)

4. CRIP LIT (4.5/5)


6. RICH HOES (3/5)

7. MAKAVELLI (3/5)




Well I’ll be damned, this EP wasn’t that bad! Matter of fact, I think it was good. Correct, it is only seven tracks, but in those seven tracks, BlocBoy delivered a myriad of bangers that had him getting lyrical (Club Rock), sinister (Bacc Street Boys) and lovey-dovey (Crip Lit). My problem with him in the past was that he wasn’t versatile enough, and he definitely proved me wrong with this effort. Aside from that, Don’t Think That featured beats by Tay Keith and more that fell directly in line with what the “Look Alive” rapper likes to get gassed up by, which resulted in a version of the rapper that stayed true to himself while still sticking his toes in the water just a little bit. I still think JB needs to improve in the quality of his raps, as he continues to lack bars I would consider meaningful, but what he showed me with this project was a vast improvement in his artistry.


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