The 80’s meets Animal Collective and The Smiths on Curtis Newart’s single “Superhuman.”

Canadian singer, songwriter and producer, Curtis Newart, has a brand new album titled Rock The Chandeliers that is expected to be a major hit! In 2016, his single “Perverse” hit number one on Vancouver’s Pop Chart, followed by an impressive 30 consecutive weeks in the Top 10. That means he has a knack for making hits.

“Superhuman” is upbeat and peppy with an 80’s industrial instrumental and bold vocals. It’s a love song where Newart lovingly describes the ways in which the object of his affection is Superhuman and could save the world. During the bridge of the song, the instrumental leans into darker and more serious tones before returning to its original cheeriness. The contrast gives this track an added layer of depth, which I personally enjoyed.

Curtis Newart deserves “a crest on the chest” for putting together a pleasantly uncomplicated song with a nostalgic charm. Make sure you check out Newart’s album Rock The Chandeliers on Spotify.