Do you understand that these dudes are the reason i love hip hop?

After all the years, feuds, contract stalemates and bad pork, The Diplomats are still together, and judging by this song, it seems s**t hasn’t changed much with their rapping skills. On “Sauce Boyz,” the Harlem legends spit serious bars over this heavy-hitting/emotional instrumental that sounds like it took a couple whoppings before it was laid down. As usual, Juelz plays the little homie in the group that never stresses a single bar, while Jim Jones brings the gutter on his part and Cam slys his way to the finish line on his. Each of them talk about getting the respect they deserve for ushering in one of hip hop’s most explosive eras, while at the same time, they diss the current one. Yep, The Diplomats are in mid-season form!

Who was your favorite Diplomat member? Mines was Juelz, but I wanted to see what ya’ll would say.