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Sunday Brave – Taking Over (Review & Stream)

Q: What do you get when a couple of long-time and new-found friends decide to jam together and end up pumping out hit after hit?

A: Sunday Brave

New Jersey’s KC Gonzalez, John Warnet, Clauzenei Santos, Marcelo Buby, and Zel are the talented musicians who go by the name Sunday Brave. Their latest EP titled Taking Over is short and sweet + full of gems.

“Taking Over” is a melodious jam of the ‘dancing on top of a bar in Coyote Ugly’ variety.  The lyrics about mistaken love and reclaiming feelings are confrontational and empowering. I absolutely love Clauzenei Santos’ bass guitar on this track, and when you mix it in with KC Gonzalez’s energizing vocals, John Warnet’s banging drums, Marcelo Buby’s lead guitar and Zel’s backup vocals, you have yourself music gold!

Stream “Taking Over” and Sunday Brave’s EP by the same name on Spotify for some more quality hits.



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