J. Balvin Pays Homage To Reggaeton In “Reggaeton” (Review & Stream)

Does J. Balvin think he’s the king of Reggaeton? Hmm…

Reggaeton has went through several different transformations from the moment it made its way to the commercial scene. I am personally OK with whatever direction artists want to go with it, just as long as s**t sounds authentic… In my opinion, “Reggaeton” by J. Balvin is 100% authentic. The song features this heavy-hitting instrumental that knocks pictures off the walls and gets you amped up to want to spit game at a bad joint in the back of the club. I love how Balvin doesn’t stress a single bar on any of his verses, literally sounding like he’s siting down with his feet up on a recliner throughout. I also enjoy how he lets the beat play star, opting to move out of its way from start to finish.

Is Reggaeton the top genre in music right now? Think about it, folks…




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