Earl Sweatshirt

Earl Sweatshirt Continues His Comeback Trail With “The Mint” (Review & Stream)

Earl Sweatshirt continues to confuse folks with his music.

If you like drunk n***as that sound like they are trying to rap while holding themselves up after a long night of drinking, you’ll love this s**t!

Over this drowsy instrumental, both Earl Sweatshirt and Navy Blue spit nothing but raw ass bars that are heavy on the punchlines and high on the randomness. You won’t be able to tell, though, because neither of the rappers sound like they even feel like being on the track they are on based off of their energy levels. As the song continues to play on, it does get better, but never to a point that I would want to replay it…

Earl is doing everything he can to make me not want to anticipate his new album.



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