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Jony Shelby Gives Us A Melodic Banger In “I’m Not Ken” (Review & Stream)


If Jony isn’t Ken, maybe he’s Ryu? (OK, I need to stop with my nerdy video game jokes)

Jony Shelby is a talented artist that relies heavily on creativity to carry him to the finish line when he makes music. In “I’m Not Ken,” his latest record, the Austin, TX rapper gifts us with this somnolent banger that has him doing some harmonizing, dropping some introspective bars, and getting heavily melodic.

Don’t you just love how Shelby’s mood steadily shifts from somber to lively as the song goes on. It almost feels like he’s doing his best to piece himself together in a world that is often times confusing to navigate in when the outside influences are involved. Whatever the case may be, I feel like this track is very Kid Cudi-esque, and everyone knows how legendary Cudi is to the music industry.

Did you guys drown out to this song as it played, too?



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