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Locust Lets Loose In “My Past” (Review & Stream)


Locust can rap his ass off, folks!

Locust is one of those rappers that makes authentic hip hop tracks that is impossible to not feel. One of my favorite tracks from him is “My Past” — An emotional banger that features this heavy-hitting instrumental, some pretty solid harmonizing, and an abundance of real ass bars. I love how every single lyric Loc delivers on the track is accompanied by this level of passion that is hard to ignore. Aside from that, the way he pieces his words together is shifty, featuring word-play that is both exact and astute. It’s almost like he was trying to dissect the beat he was handed every step of the way, never feeling content with sounding like an ordinary MC. I like that kind of determination when it comes to rappers.

If you need a hip hop fix, “My Past” will be your cure!



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