The ATif’s Latest Single Is A Dedication To Their “InstaCrush” (Review & Stream)

There’s no crush like an Instacrush #Bigfacts.

The ATif Band does a great job of turning your everyday topics into explosive alternative rock gems that pump adrenaline into whoever that listens to it. In their latest single, “InstaCrush,” they were able to gift us with this heart-warming track that features some exhilarating guitar-play, daring vocals and an overload of feel good vibes. Aside from that, the topic that powers the song is one that is very relatable for the individuals of this generation, as it revolves around finding that one love through social media who does everything in their technologically-savy power to put a smile on your face. Who can hate on that message?

I implore you give The ATif’s “InstaCrush” a listen, especially if you are fortunate to have one.



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