Young Scooter Gets Introspective In “Sushi” (Review & Stream)

Young Scooter is dangerously slept on.

I’ve always looked at Young Scooter like a side kick to Gucci Mane — one that wouldn’t mind playing shooter for the zone 6 legend. Apparently, whatever relationship they’ve had in the past has dissipated, cause in “Sushi,” Scooter talks about never working with Gucci again. To many, this is considered a sad end to one of the trillest of trap relationships, but to me, I think it was appropriate. Scooter is making strives in the hip hop game, so I see know reason he should be tied to another n***a at this time. With that being said, “Sushi” is flames the rest of the way, as it has our hero spewing out some serious punchlines and proclaiming himself the Jugg King for the 100th consecutive song. I love the bop attached to the instrumental that powers this song, and definitely f**k with Scooter’s confidence throughout.



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