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Heavy AmericA Give Us Authentic Rock Vibes In “Easy Killer” (Review & Stream)

Heavy AmericA-Easy Killer-Single-Art.jpg

Listen to this song with an imaginary guitar in your hand to fully enjoy it.

Heavy AmericA are an Alternative Rock band from Boston, Massachusetts that features Michael T. Seguin on the guitars, keys and vocals; Dan Fried on the drums, percussion and vocals; and Budd Lampham on the Bass and vocals. Whenever they unite for music, they are fantastic, usually creating something that is vintage-sounding. With that being said, their newest single “Easy Killer” is an absolute smash that features electrifying guitar-play, boisterous vocals, serious bass and ground-shattering drumming. Every moment of it is exhilarating to listen to, especially when you plug-in the rebellious lyrical content they deliver in their verses.

If you need a pep to your step, listen to Heavy AmericA’s “Easy Killer.”



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