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Klef Mikaydo Delivers In “Showtime” (Review & Stream)


Showtime is an absolute banger — No ifs, ands or butts about it! (Maybe butts, though, especially when it comes to shaking)

In this stressful world that we are currently living in, it’s always good to find a track that brings out the partying side in you; for me, that vice was “Showtime.” On it, Klef Mikaydo gifts us with this melodic banger that has him going after a bad ass chick that has the body, mental and naughtiness to catch his attention. Fortunately for him, he has what it takes to woo her, which is mainly an abundance of money and swag. On the real, I love how Klef blends soulful crooning with trill ass rap s**t, coming across like that one dude who always seems to get the baddest b*tch in whatever venue he enters (I envy people like him).

I can honestly say that this song made me want to hit the streets and do some serious scouting for chicks! (F**k this Netflix and chill s**t)



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