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EyeOnEyez Links Up With Gucci Mane For “Polar Bear” (Review & Stream)

Just when you thought you will go a week without hearing some new Gucci Mane, this song releases!

Everyone knows Gucci Mane came up with “BURR” several years ago — a term that describes how cold of a n***a he can be at times. Today, the ATL rapper decided to take this whole frigid s**t to another level, releasing a brand new collaboration with EyeOnEyez called “Polar Bear.” On it, the duo was able to create this anthem of sorts that features an authentic trap instrumental, a simple yet catchy hook, and lots of trill ass lyrical content. If you are in the mood for hitting the strip clubs or taking some Henny to the head, you’ll love this song for sure!

On the real, Gucci Mane can be a very corny n***a at times.



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