6LACK Drops Off The Smooth “Been A While” (Review & Stream)


I feel like 6LACK is the type of dude that will curse you out without raising his voice (That s**t will drive me crazy).

If you are like me, you probably played out 6LACK’s East Atlanta Love Letter album by now. Today, the mellow crooner decided to gift us with two new releases, with “Been A While” being one of the two that we haven’t heard yet (Read my previous post and it will make sense). On it, our hero tries to spit game to his chick over this slow-paced instrumental that will either have you in your feelings or put you to sleep. When it comes to his contributions, I love how slick/sly he sings throughout the track, as he successfully balances being the biggest of playas with being the silkiest of lovers (Do you realize how hard that is?).

I’m playing 6LACK on my way to my probation hearings. I just feel like it will soothe my mind before the judge puts me in the slammer.



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