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Dallenger Cheap Provide Us With A Rebellous Anthem In “Take Time” (Review& Stream)

Leave it to Dallenger Cheap to make December feel like the middle of summer!

The one word I would use to describe Dallenger Cheap is ‘daring.’ At every angle, they know how to ensure that listeners get their money’s worth when you press play on one of their songs, even if that means stepping outside of the norm to do so. In their latest single, “Take Time,” the band lets their instruments run amok, their spirited vocals seep into your soul, and their rebellious lyrics blow your mind. The fusion of the three makes for this explosive tune that perfectly describes the drastic measures you occasionally have to take to feel wanted in this world. Thanks for the wise words, friends!

To maximize this song’s potential, I recommend listening to it while playing your imaginary drums and guitars.



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