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Chris Brown Pours His Heart Out On “Undecided” (Review & Stream)


Yep, this is about to be another radio-hit for Mr. Chris.

On some real s**t, after releasing “Heartbreak On A Full Moon,” a whopping 45 track project, Chris Brown has been pretty silent. Other than a few features here and there, he didn’t really have any major releases. Today, the heavily tatted singer decided to bless us with a brand new track titled “Undecided.”

“Undecided” is one of those mid-tempo love songs that has Chris delivering some daring vocals throughout. As usual, the VA native does everything he can to let his woman know how much he loves her on his verses, which comes in the form of unapologetic lyrics and soulful harmonizing. I surely love the combination.

Chris sings like it’s his last day on earth on every single song.



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