Songs Of The Week

The Ratings Game Presents: The Weekly Round-Up


The best song and album from 1/8 – 1/14.

THE BEST FROM (1/8 – 1/14)


Uh oh, we have our first upset of the year! Yes, Chicago/Minnesota’s very own, Shreya Preeti, takes home the best song of the week! That’s saying a lot, because I felt like The Weeknd’s “Lost In The Fire” was excellent, Lauren Jauregui’s “More Than That” was fire, and Kehlani’s “Night Like This” was special. However, Shreya Preeti’s live version of “Junkyard” struck a chord with me, as it boasted these passionate/relatable vibes that I thought was way too infectious to pass up. I also love what the song embodies, which is that of an up and coming artist that makes it in life being her unapologetic self. Isn’t that deep?




It was another slow week for album releases, which means the crop to pick from hasn’t been that great. With that being said, I thought Conne3ct3d by Robb Bank$ and Wifisfuneral was pretty solid. It’s short, but it does feature some unique tracks in which the duo gets a chance to be themselves — authentic SoundCloud rappers that aren’t here for the clout. But lets be real, folks, this album isn’t the best thing since sliced bread, it just happened to come out during a very weak week.

THE BEST FROM (1/1-1/7)


I feel like “Undecided” by Chris Brown is fantastic! It features a version of the singer that’s raw, daring, and willing to open up about his romantic life. Much like you, I love when Chris doesn’t give a s**t in his music, but when it comes in the form of solid melodies and positive vibes, he’s at his absolute best!




It’s been a very quiet week for albums, probably because artists have passed out from Egg Nog and ungodly amounts of alcohol this holiday season. I expect things to ramp up in mid-January, and by then, we should all be in prime-time form (I’ve sucked this week, too)! With that being said, my album of the week comes from Mila J (I know it’s an EP, but I decided to put them all in the same boat), and it is called “September 2018.” The project is short, but sweet, featuring five truly authentic R&B jams that fans of the genre will find impossible to ignore. Aside from that, I believe the melodies she was able to drop off were fantastic, and the topics she covered throughout were highly intriguing. That’s a combination that should catch your attention, no?



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