Lil Gamp Opens Up In “Constellation” (Review & Stream)

“Constellations” is off of Lil Gamp’s “Astral Thoughts.”

Lil Gamp is one of those musical acts that tends to get into a certain zone whenever he enters the booth.  Once he’s in that zone, listeners should expect solid crooning and candid lyrical content from him. In “Astral Thoughts,” his latest offering, he focuses on topics such as loneliness, love and slight glimmers of hope through some fantastic instrumentals. Personally, I love how Gamp dives into each topic headfirst, caring less if he ends up in the deep end. One of my favorite tracks from the project is “Constellations” — A serene gem that features some pretty solid melodizing, an absolutely infectious hook, and most importantly, serious words of wisdom. In my opinion, the song is deep as hell, but it also has a bop to it that can get you all the way hyped up.

Make sure you check out both “Constellations” and “Astral Thoughts” by Lil Gamp!




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